21 novembre 2010

Bianconiglio - take two!

Hey everyone! :D
As promised, here I am with new pictures and swatches and what not!

Before we get started, take a look at the super cute bunny packaging! Isn't this adorable!? It's made out of cardboard, all black with the logo on the front. I love the bunny! <3

On the back there's the holographic certificate thing:

If anyone wants me to list all the ingredients, ask away and I'll take pictures of that too.

Everything is wrapped up just fine :)

Sooo these are Devil (red) and Nordica, the 2 eyeshadows. You can definitely see the colours better now!


I'd say they're both satin colours, very pigmented and they blend really easily. Also, you can build these up, especially the red: a small amount for a wash of colour on your eyes (or cheeks), or more if you want a stronger look. 
The best thing, as we all know, would be to use a base underneath to enhance the colours. I don't have a red base so I decided to use my Elf primer only. This way you can see what the actual colours look like. 

Moving on to the concealer...

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuper creamy but not too green, like I said before. I think it's perfect, it neutralizes redness without altering your skin colour. Cool!

Last but not least: the purple lipgloss! OMG.
No primer underneath, no concealer, nothing. Of course, if you have pale lips this will show up a lot more. So so pretty.

Overall I think these are really good products. 
I know, the eyeshadows are not so unique, at lease the green one. But red is kinda rare! Well, not in the US maybe, but where I live...very rare. I have spotted a few other interesting colours on the website that I think are worth trying. We'll see :)
Also the green concealer is not so common here, so that's another plus. 
The lipgloss I would say is a sheer lipstick, or a very pigmented lipgloss. Something like that. It's not the same as OCC Lip Tars since it's not that opaque, but yeah...you get the idea. 
One thing that will bother many people is the...uh...smell? The lipgloss really smells like...I don't know, it reminds me of cosmetic products made in the 90s. Other girls say it smells like wax. It doesn't bother me, it fades away after some time...but I know it's gonna be an issue for many other people out there. On the contrary, the eyeshadows smell good. *shrugs*

Hope this helped!
Let me know what you think if you get the chance to try out any of the products!


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