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Hey everyone ^_^
I know, I don't usually write in english since my readers are mostly italian, but I'll make a few exceptions every now and then. I'm sure it won't hurt.
So, today we're gonna talk about a brand new cosmetic company named Bianconiglio (lit. "White Rabbit")  Cosmetics. All the  products are 100% made in Italy, which you can tell by taking a look at their certificate here.
What matters to Bianconiglio is what's inside the box. This means packaging isn't the main thing here, what's important is the products themselves. And from my personal experience I can tell it's true. Packagings are very very simple, but the products are real good. At least, the ones I tried so far.
We can only find this brand online on right now but I'm sure they want to grow bigger and bigger, worries, they just need some time.

Like I said, I had the chance to try some of the products out. A lipgloss, a concealer and two e/s.
I have to warn you, I don't have my reflex with me because I'm not home right now, so I could not take good pictures. But I promise I will update you guys asap with nice swatches and everything else.

Let's start off with the lipgloss. It's called Hunter's Man - 07, a very intense and bright purple shade. It is very pigmented and it's got the classic sponge applicator. You get 10ml of product for €10,80.
It goes on real smooth and it stays on quite some time on my lips. If you want a sheer application instead of a very purple lip, just use a smaller amount.
Again, pictures are terrible, just be patient and you'll get new ones very soon.

Looks much more like this (picture on the website):

Very pretty.

Another product I've tried is the concealer. The green one. 
It's a stick concealer,  5g for €10,20 and very creamy. It's pigmented enough but it's also not too green, so it doesn't make you look like an alien or something. I like to warm it up on the back of my hand and then apply it where needed. Very small, easy to carry around.

From the website:

Last 2 products are the e/s. They are 11 - Devil and 14 - Nordica. Both 5g of product for €9,90.
Devil is a bright red, with almost a satin finish I'd say, also very pigmented. I've swatched 1 swipe of both colours and they're super bright. Nordica is a beautiful and vivid green, again a satin, to me at least. Love them both. I think I'll try Devil as a blush, it's such a unique colour so I'd like to experiment with it!

From the website:

These here are the (in)famous swatches. Blah! I want my reflex back!
But yeah, you kinda get the idea...

I'll have to take pictures of the boxes the products are sent in, they're soooo cute, black, with a little bunny shaped on the top! I'll show you that too. So sweet!

Thanks to Bianconiglio Cosmetics for being so kind to me! Can't wait to try out some more products if they're all so promising! 
What do you guys think? 
Check the website and follow them on facebook if you'd like:

I'll talk to you all soon!


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