4 agosto 2010

Nail polish!

I got some new colours lately that I'm really excited about!
Actually, I bought three polishes today when I went to Sephora. Unfortunately I haven't taken pictures yet. You'll have to wait.
One of them is called Let's Dance and it's a pretty lilac colour. The other one is Teeny Bikini and it is a mint green colour. The last one I got is Gipsy and I think I'm gonna fall in love with it. It looks like a cheaper and maybe a bit darker version of Chanel's Particuliere.
I'll let you know what I think about these soon.

Let's begin with some mattes.
I know brands like OPI make mattes, but where I live...nope. Nothing. And where I live, OPI is kinda too expensive for me to buy.
I've always wanted to try out something like that, so when I saw these I was like "get them!".

Cheap but still nice. I love the colours and even one coat is enough.
The black one is like wearing black leather pants on your nails, amazing! The blue is very classy, the cherry brown colour is SO hot. The only one I'm not sure about is the red, only because I don't think it looks good on me, I don't know.
Oh, I don't have swatches. I should, but I need to practice. Sorry.

Moving on, let's see what I got next.
These are from Debby (the four mattes are from Deborah). The green polish is well known here, I heard many good things about it and wanted to check it out. It's very pretty. Also, if you haven't noticed, I'm really into light minty greens lately.
The white one I bought because I didn't have one. I ran out of basic white nail polish and I wanted to use it as a base for neons, so there we go.
Last but not least, the one with little hearts inside, which I'm going to use for nail art stuff.

Okay, other 4 colours I happened to get recently are by Layla Cosmetics. I chose a deep red colour, a purple-blue-pink glitter one, a light mint green and a very hot hot pink, super bright. The red one belongs to the Ceramic Effect collection, which means they're very pigmented, apply smoothly because of the formula and fill ridges too. They're also supposed to be painted on without a base to look even more perfect. I'll have to try the red without a base coat underneath, since I was not convinced about the result. But the colour is so pretty.
The glittery one I guess it's made for fake nails only, not sure though. I don't care anyways, I'll use it as a top coat over some other colours. The mint green is a regular, if I'm correct, and the bright pink is a Fluo. I have other 2 Fluo polishes and i loooooove them!

A few days back I also spotted 2 colours I've been wanting for ages. They're both by Collistar and they are a light pale pink and a cool pink. Yeah, I wanna call it cool pink. The first one I'm actually wearing on my toes, 2 coats and it looks perfect. It's just a nude, makes my nails look a bit brighter but not too much. The other one I haven't tried yet, since I bought so many colours...

A couple weeks ago I was at Sephora (yeah, I know) and something else caught my eyes. I was thinking "duuuuuuude, you must be high or something", but it was true! Essie was there!!! I mean..we can only get Essie online or at the salon here. Big deal. Yay!
There were three different packagings, each containing 4 nail polishes. I chose the Resort one, I think. The one with the Platinum whatever, the pretty pink, blue and the turquoise. And I only picked one because they retail €20 each. I know, there are 4 colours but I believe they're not full size, so it's not that cheap...although it's worth it. The only colour i did not like is the turquoise, because it needs several coats to completely hide my tips. Bummer.

And to end this huge post, here are my new Kiko polishes!
You can check these out here. From left to right: #252 (not 100% sure but it should be that one), #239, #240, #272 and #287.
#252 is a super sheer colour, very pretty but needs many coats to actually show up. I'll use it on top of other colours. Very runny too.
#239 and #240 are kinda similar: the first one is a lighter shade of red, the other is deeper, a Snow White red I'd say. Both very pretty. I needed reds since I never owned any.
#272 is a gorgeous metallic grey, it just looks like liquid silver to me. SO nice! I had it on a few days ago and it was so cool. Platinum nails!
#287 is a very deep red with a little bit of pink in it. I think it's hot. "High" and "heels" are the magic words for this.

That's it for now. Sooo I'll see you next time around!


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