KISS - bye bye cuticles!

by - 16:03

Quick post about a cool product by Kiss. I never heard of this company before. Have you!?
About two weeks ago I was in town shopping and I and noticed this:

I was actually looking for the Sally Hansen one, but couldn't find it, of course.
Anyways, this thing here is awesome. Really.
Like it says, it's a cuticle remover. Yes. No more trimming! No more blood on my fingers...yay!
Basically you distribute one drop of the liquid on your cuticles -and trust me, one drop works just fine- and wait. After 15 seconds you remove those nasty cuticles with an orange stick. That's it.
Then you wash your hands and you're done, ready to paint your nails.
Don't leave it on for more than ONE minute. I don't know why not, but that's what's written on the back.
I used it on my toes too, it works great.
I don't remember how much I paid fot it, sorry, but I remember it's not that cheap. Maybe about 10 euros? Good thing you only need a little bit, because it's going to last forever.
Highly recommend it!


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